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Denial - Lindstorm Obesity Advocacy

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This is a bit of a lengthy post so please bare with me. 

I was banded in 2012. Since 2012 the most weight I have lost is around 60 pounds. When I had my band I weighed 393. I got down to 334 and one time. I had regular appointments and was what I considered a good patient. Fast forward to 2016. I work in a ER. One night I was casually wiping my water when all of the sudden I had the urge to throw it up. For the next four hours I was in misery.  I was unable to keep anything down. I checked in to the ER and was diagnosed with GERD and dehydration. The ER doc wanted me to see a doctor and do a EGD, I was skeptical because only my LAPBAND doctor had touched me.  The next day I called my LAPBAND doctor, he said please come home and let me do a scope and we’ll figure out the problem. I was scoped the next week. The EGD notes show that there were reflux. He also made me do a ultrasound just to be safe. I had gallstones. This meant I had to have my gallbladder removed. I felt fine after my gallbladder was out. He oresecribed me liquid Zantac that I take daily. A waited a bit to go back in for a fill after my surgery. They had deflated my band. When I went back to be filed I could not tolerate the fill. I was miserable. The nasty GERD has returned. Everything I would get a fill I would be back in the doctors office sick begging for a unfill. My band currently does have fluid in. I think I’m at 6cc. I can not tolerate anything over 6. I also have horrid port pain. If I bend over I am usually guarding my right side. My port was placed where my stomach hangs, so it pulls at it constantly. The last appointment I had with my doctor we discussed maybe me having the sleeve or bypass. He just asked if I had ever considered it. I told him I would consider it. This year I made the decision to go through with the process of a revision. I have completed my psych evaluation, EGD, and nutrition class. I was so hopeful for this. I got the phone call Tuesday that my pre determination had been denied and a peer to peer had been scheduled. I was still very hopeful. On Wednesday the peer to peer happened and they are standing behind the fact that my EGD showed no signs of slippage, erosion, pouch dialation, or reflux. I am beyond devastated. I reached out to Lindstorm Obesity Advocacy yesterday to help with my appeal. Has anyone used them with success?

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