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Hi Everyone !

Just joined the group today, so forgive me if this post is in the wrong area, still trying to navigate the site. Anyways...

Had Gastric Bypass 3/12/18, I'm currently down 33lbs. My first follow visit was last Wednesday & doctor is pleased with progress. I forgot to ask him about nutrition so I'd like to know what does everyone's daily intake look like? How many calories/fat/carbs per day ? to me about stalls, the scale hasnt moved since Wednesday. How long does this normally last for?

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I was still on pureed foods at your stage and my intake was pretty minimal so I didn't track anything.

Did your surgeon's office/dietician give you a plan to follow?  If they didn't, you should ask for one.

As for the scale not moving - ignore it.  You're calorie intake is probably minimal and you've lost a good amount of weight - 33lb down in less than a month is outstanding.

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@Vee85  Welcome to the Forum and congratulations on your surgery and your weight loss!

You're doing great with more than a pound of weight loss a day since surgery. Having said that you can't expect to lose that much per day in the future (unless you are exercising three hours a day, eating nothing, and have an overactive thyroid :rolleyes: ). Your body may be taking a breather from this rapid loss, as it may think you are in a famine or have hit some other existential bad patch given how little you must be eating!  Our ancestors developed a biological response to famine which was to NOT LOSE WEIGHT but of course that is your goal. In the long run of course you will  lose weight, everyone does who sticks to their Plan, but it is rarely some smooth curve. 

As @cinwa says just stay focused on eating according to your Plan and ignore the day to day ups and downs of your scale.  Equanimity is hard but it's a good attitude to cultivate. In my view you just can't let a scale determine your happiness with life. Early on I weighed myself every day, now I might let a week or two go by. Some people need the daily reinforcement of the measurement to help them stay focused on their new life patterns and healthy living after surgery. Some people find that a form of mental tyranny! 

Length of stalls? I had ones as short as 4-5 days (were they really stalls) and others, after I had lost a lot of weight, a couple of months long when I was essentially on my maintenance diet. Here on the Forum the things people mention are things like upping your protein, lowering your carbs, getting another half hour a day of exercise, drinking more fluids, and (perhaps counter-intuitively) sometimes upping your total calories a bit, perhaps 100-200 calories a day. If your body really DOES think you are living through a famine, a few more calories may help convince it that there really is no famine, and it's okay to drop a few more pounds.... 

Best wishes and again congrats on your outstanding results so far!

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You're probably in the dreaded "Week Three Stall" that happens to many. It'll pass. You'll be fine :) 

As for nutrition, it's important that you get some guidelines from your program so you know what they expect, but here's a link to a respected and fairly standard one (Tufts Medical Center). I didn't follow it (higher fat, lower carb) but it's a great place to start. 

Right now, it's protein protein protein for you, plus liquids liquids liquids. 

Congrats on your success so far.

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