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Is there any merit in having reactive hypoglycemia formally diagnosed?

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So I'm doing one of my updates in this thread to keep things together. I saw an endocrinologist on Monday who immediately changed my medication from the metformin (that I had already stopped taking anyway due to pain) over to Glucobay (acarbose). This medication supposedly stops the sugars being absorbed in the first place so therefore no insulin reaction to cause the hypoglycemic episodes. While it also has unfortunate stomach side effects he did say this medication only needs to be taken with any meal I'm unsure about, unlike the metformin which had to be taken continuously. He was happy that I'd pretty much worked things out for myself (well for this I thank TTF), but recognised the need to have a standby for when I'm eating food that others have prepared when I can't be sure of the sugar content. He said that while my lows were at a level where doctors would be concerned,  he doesn't get really concerned unless the lows are in the 1s (35 or below in US terms) as long as the person can sense a low coming. I can usually tell I'm low at about 3.3 (60). He does deal with many post RNY patients with RH, so I'm happy he knows what he's doing. He was very unhappy with the advice my dietician has been I finally feel content about dropping her. He said that if I followed her advice then regain was inevitable. I do have to clear the medication with my surgeon at my next checkup in about 5 weeks, but until then it is pretty much back to basics with protien taking priority and he insists a serving of healthy fats with each meal is a must.

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