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The personal is political... Hmm, that sounds like a blog post title.

Yall, I’m still angry and I have deliberately stayed away. You see, by nature, I am a politically active person and IRL, it’s hard to separate my beliefs from every day life. Recently, It’s been hard for me to talk about my WLS needs without digging into my views on this world we inhabit. 

I’m a funny and sarcastic person but I’m also deeply passionate about civic engagement. I deliberately don’t bring this side to the forum, because of how polarizing this can be. I recognize that TTF is a place for support and love. It isn’t a place for politics or religion and I respect this about the forum. 

I’ll be in and out for a while. Of course, I’ll be celebrating my one year (My God!!) with all of you. Please be patient with me. I’m struggling but out of respect for our community, I need to take a few steps back and find other ways to get support. 

Dont forget to keep the ones you love close to your heart. xo

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@NerdyToothpick - Sadly, your pain, anger and grief probably will not go away, but your inner strength to manage this senseless killing should get much better with time. We are here to support you whenever and however you need us - just ask. You are our friend, and we want to support you. 

I totally agree with you about keeping the ones that you love close to your heart. 

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