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Preparing for TT & lift, and looking for advice!

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In about 1.5 months I will be having a tummy tuck/stomach skin removal (hip to hip scar, no drains/quilting sutures) and a breast lift (and possible reduction), done in a hospital with a one night stay. The surgeon seems great, and I'll have a pre-sx consult with him in a month, but I am getting so nervous, and wanted some advice! 

1) What questions do I need to clarify with him at the consult? 

2) What can I do pre-sx to help with the post-sx/recovery period? (work out? lotion? idk)

3) What should I get/have on hand for post-sx (in the hospital or at home), or what things helped make the recovery at home as quick/smooth as possible? (scar stuff? binders?)

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Congratulations! Very exciting!

1) Ask him what type of binder to get or if he will provide you with one. I recommend getting two of the same so you can wear one while the other one is in the wash. I would ask how long you'll wear the binder and the bra. How long you should be off work (assuming you work.) How long before you can start using the scar strips and doing scar massage?

2) Yes, work out. Being in good shape will help you recover faster. I don't know if lotion helps but it is worth asking. Before my TT and breast lift I got below goal by a few pounds because I wanted my stomach to be flat and tight. I'd seen too many post TT pics online of women who where still over weight or heavier than they wanted to be when they had plastics and after they lost more weight they had loose skin again.

3) Yes to binders and scar strips. I'd read about some women using a walker when they first got home. Not necessary for me but everyone is different. I wasn't used to sleep on my back which I had to for the first few weeks post-op so I would play around with how to get yourself to sleep on  your back. I had a large wedge shaped pillow under my head and torso to keep my breasts elevated a bit. I put a couple of large couch cushions under my knees to keep my feet up. In this position if I tried to roll to my side, I would wake up. 



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