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11 hours ago, Susanvmallory said:

@BurgundyBoy I am extremely lactose intolerant I avoid dairy products especially milk at all cost.....will this maybe change afterwards to allow me to use a milk based protein drink or do you think I could just drink vegetable broth with egg whites?? 

Hey Susan, @burgundyboy is right on the money with his recommendations. I had some complications after my surgery, which has lead to lots of nausea and vomiting, so I have been having an especially had time with my protein intake. However, that being said it is still doable! :) I do highly recommend looking into the various health food stores in your area to find one that your comfortable with because protein shakes are going to really help you in your recovery process. Some of these stores are great and even offer free samples, such as Popeye's. Also, there are tons of Vegan options these days also if you are worried about the whey protein causing GI discomfort. They tend to be a bit more grainy in texture, but once you get past that, they are quite delish ;) . And sadly, it seems that lactose intolerance is sometimes developed by having the surgery, I have not heard of the reverse happening to anyone, but who knows - anything is possible. :D And if you can don't forget to incorporate legumes in your diet. They are jam packed with protein to help you meet your requirements. 

Perhaps try to download an app such as MyFitnessPal or Baritastic and begin to log your food so you can get a good idea of how much protein you get in per day. Your goal will more than likely be 60-80 grams per day. It will also give you the added benefit of making you more conscious about what you are eating, a great habit to help you reach your end goal. Habits are a tough thing to break, so start slowly and when you are ready. Here is a screenshot from my baritastic app to help get you going :D



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@SusanvmalloryTo quote @Ladybugzzz86

Legumes! Red-orange lentils have flavor, fiber, and protein, and quickly cook into the kind of puree that we're supposed to eat after surgery. Easy to add hot sauce, or make using a tasty broth or sprinkle with truffle oil. 

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13 hours ago, BurgundyBoy said:

...........Allow me to magically invoke @cinwa by citing her name and asking if she remembers some products that might be useful for you........

I heard my name called!  :wub:

Susan, there are some excellent non-whey protein powders/liquids on the market.  Finding one you'll like enough to drink regularly is challenging, made all the worse by the fact that our tastes can and do change post-op so do not load up on anything before your surgery.

Unfortunately, there is no company that I know of who offer a selection of different samples to choose from but a few company offer samples sized packs of their powders.

Along with Amazon, here's a few companies that offer sample packs for sale but browse the web, and even if they don't show sample sizes for sale, find the contact us link and shoot them an email asking for one:

Jay Robb    Naked Protein     Orgain    ideal raw     Sun Warrior     MRM-USA     PS Science     

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