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Hi guys!

I’m about 3.5 months out of surgery and feel great! Everything has gone so smoothly it almost doesn’t seem real actually. I’ve had little to no issues with any foods, haven’t thrown up, nothing!

This brings up some questions for me though. I’ve heard so many stories about people who throw up every time they eat, get too full with a few bites of food, etc etc, and while I’m happy that I’m comfortable... it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong! 

My surgeon suggested I start with 1/4 cup of food at a time, which I started just fine. Now depending on what I eat, I *could* eat a lot more. Not that I do, but there has been times where I’ve eaten a bit more than that and I’m in my head a little about it!

I’m not talking about eating a ton because obviously I can’t, but I have put down two cups-ish of salad in a 20 minute sitting, or a small apple in 20 minutes. Which I know volume plays a big part in it, I just wanna make sure I’m normal in how I’m feeling! 

I know I’m doing what I’m supposed too, but eating visually more than 1/4 cup, sometimes even a cup or more when it’s food that breaks down easily... it’s messing with my head! I guess I just thought after the surgery it would be like, three bites and I’m full for hours. And I’m not!

Also, I rarely feel super full like I had mentioned. Just, content, I suppose. 

Is this normal?

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Hi @tjs1987. So glad to hear that your experience has been so good that it’s making you question yourself! I have also had very few problems, but I just chalk it up to luck and feel fortunate. We drew the right straw.

As for food amounts, it so depends on the density of what you’re eating. I could put away a fair amount of salad pretty early - lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers, etc, really just turn into nothing, mostly water. Anything liquid-y will go through pretty fast, too (shakes, soup, sauce-y things). Yogurt and cottage cheese are a bit slower. Really solid dense stuff like meat fills you up quickly and stays in your pouch for a long time.

I think at your stage, you’re probably starting to learn when you’ve had enough, but not too much - sticking to the ¼ cup with dense things will help you out. You may not be quite attuned to your pouch’s new signals yet, though, so easy does it. I could eat ½ cup of some things at a few months out (yogurt, cottage cheese, soup) but not others. I still eat ½ cup of yogurt or cottage cheese, or 2-3 oz of tuna or veggie meat now, as it fills me up - could I eat more? Maybe, but I don’t need to, so I’m trying to not do that, and get in better touch with what I need vs. what my brain wants. I can and do eat big salads, though, because they’re not overloading my pouch with either volume or calories. I’m on the low side as far as intake goes on this forum though, so you may want to take that into consideration as well. 

If your worst problem is second guessing yourself, it sounds like you’re doing great, since we all do that!! :) Keep it up.

PS Hi down there in Vancouver from a fellow Western Washingtonian. I’m from the Olympia area, although not living there currently.

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Same here, salads go down easy in relatively large amounts. Dense meats on the other hand fill me very quickly. Even so with meat, one day I can eat more than another....seems totally unpredictable but eating it slowly means I realise quickly what kind of day I'm having with my pouch.

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