september 2017 sleevers

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I was sleeved on sept 11th 2017 with a starting weight of 239 today im 186.5 that's 52.6lbs!  and loving life! I've started working out about 4 days a week which has been really beneficial to toning! im planning a cruise in July and my goal is to be bikini ready! a few things im having trouble with right now the biggest thing is hair loss, I have always has beautiful thick hair and it seems to be coming out so quick right now! im afraid to do anything to it ! , weight isn't coming off that fast anymore maybe only lost 5 lbs. this month hoping that it will re start again! I love peoples reaction to the ones who haven't seen me in a while they ask if I've lost weight, I want to be like ya 50 lbs. ....but I know that's insensitive and most people don't really know what to say im about 46 lbs from my goal and I cant wait to crush it! im also down from a size 16/18 pants to a 10/12 and a size xxl shirt to a m/l! weirdly my boobs are still at a double d! I know tmi , but I thought those would be the first to go!!!! I've realized that even though im Italian I no longer like the taste of pasta! and I will probably never eat bread again and luckily I don't miss it! I still shrug a little when I look in the mirror excepting to see the old reflection there and am always so happy to see the thinner happier looking self in the mirror . I hope everyone is doing well with there decision to have the sleeve if you would have asked me month 1 I would have said I wasn't sure if it was worth it , but now I wouldn't have traded it for anything im so glad I did I, and I cant wait to see what im capable now that im getting back to who I was before the weight took over!

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I feel the same way, and I had surgery November 2017. No regrets. Loving the changes. I went out to eat with family last night.... Bread basket stayed untouched.... No desire to go back to that life.

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