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Well, I may just wait until I finish my support class next month to have them submit. The person at my surgeons office that handles insurance and submits for approvals said that she would submit it it if I wanted her to but, she has never submitted one for UHC that did not require 6 consecutive months diet history. If I got turned down, we would have to appeal and that could take up to 30 days to get an answer on.

I called my insurance company 3 times and got the same answer each time. The 6 months do not have to be consecutive. Only have to be within past 2 years. So, I may just wait until I complete my last class in a few weeks to have her submit. Still thinking about it.

The support class today was given by the psychologist and was extremely good information. It was about food addictions and emotional eating. She is very good and explained to us how to tell head hunger from real hunger for one thing. This program is very good and I always learn something valuable at every class. I actually enjoy going to them.


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It did not take me long to decide lol Once I got to thinking about it, my bariatric team only starts the Optifast diet once per month. They have 3 offices and they all stay on the same page this way. But, if I were to wait and go to February class and then they submitted to insurance, it is almost guaranteed that I would spend the entire month of March on the Optifast diet/classes.

So, I emailed them and asked them to go ahead and submit. Hopefully I don't regret it but, I shall soon find out.


ETA- After speaking with insurance person at bariatric dr, I am going to wait until after my February class to have them submit it. Everything has been so stressful over the last 6 months and I want to avoid anymore hassles. It will give me a few more weeks to prepare anyway.

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