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Low iron surprise

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My bariatric surgeon had told me I could stop iron supplementation when I stopped having periods, so I did about a year ago.  My hemoglobin remained really good; good enough to do a "Power Red" blood donation in October, but I mentioned to my PCP that my "Restless Legs Syndrome" had gotten really bad so she did some blood work and discovered that while my HGB is great, my iron stores and ferritin levels were low.  Huh...what do you know.  So, back on iron supplements I go.  With sleevers it's not the malabsorption that is the issue as much as not being able to consume enough.  I do get most of my protein from dairy with some chicken and fish thrown in.   I always use spinach leaves instead of lettuce for salads but you have to eat a LOT of spinach for significant amounts of iron.  Guess I will try to include more red meat for awhile.

So it's a good lesson to always pay attention to what you're consuming and to be vigilant about your supplementation and blood work.

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