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I have been looking at and reading about several different fitness trackers that I plan to use for myself. I would like to know from every ones personal experience what tracker they use or have used. Whether they like it or not and why. So we can all get a better understanding of what helps everyone post surgery.

Thanks in advance


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Am using MapMyRide for my cycling and walking. It uses GPS for the cycling and logs distance, the route, time, etc. and does a pretty good job with current speed and average speed, etc. Same for walking. This logging of the my motion cycling or walking works for me. 

Have not found one app that easily allows me to also upload swimming hours and yoga too.  More time than I want to take some days. It includes a nutrition section which I have not used but I think others have to their benefit. 

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Hi, @AustinJ. I've got a Fitbit Alta HR, which is great for me, but a bit dainty looking for a guy. My husband has the Charge 2, which he likes a lot. It's just large enough to look fine on a man (my husband is 6'4"). They're sophisticated enough for me, but not overly complicated, and also not huge - I don't like how a big watch looks on my wrist, and my personal style does not extend to the Sports Watch category. I have a metal band I got from Amazon for 10 bucks that makes it look like a normal watch, not too sportsy. Appropriate for work.

It tracks steps, tracks my heart rate, and tracks my sleep (via movement and heart rate). It shows me the date and time. It lets me set up alarms. It syncs with my My Fitness Pal. It has a food tracking area in the app, but I really like MFP, so I just keep using that.

I have to charge a couple of times per week. Actually, I generally charge it every day while I'm in the shower, and that's enough to keep the battery pretty full. I charge it fully every now and then.

The app lets you track your exercise on a map. You can track several types of exercises. You can let it figure out what you're doing itself (not always successful, but pretty good record) or you can tell it what you're doing on the app. Or you can add your workout later manually. 

It was not very expensive. $130. 

The Charge 2 is about $150, I think, and in addition to what the Alta does, it tracks stairs climbed and also lets you do some stuff with a button on its side (not super sure what, since it's my husband's, not mine, so I don't use it). 

The higher range Fitbits do music (to clarify, higher range than Alta and Charge 2 - the big ones). They also are waterproof for tracking swimming, I think. I just wanted small, so I was not tempted by them. I think if I wanted big, I might get an Apple Watch.

It's very weird, I find my Fitbit to be very motivating. I'm constantly checking to see if I got my 10,000 steps for the day - there's a little firework show with a rocket blasting off when you hit your goal - and I find ways to work extra walks into my day just to make it happy. It buzzes me every hour if I haven't gotten X steps, so I remember to get up and move around a bit. I got just over 18,000 steps yesterday, and I actually felt like I had made my Fitbit happy or proud of me or something. I promise I am not an idiot: I understand that, as an inanimate object, it does not have feelings. But I still try to make it happy. 

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Thank you both for the replies. I am wanting one that will do steps, heart rate, movement reminders, the sleep tracking would be nice, and it needs to be water proof. 


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I have the Fitbit Alta also.  Love it!  Not waterproof though :(

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I have the Fitbit Charge 2 and really like it; I think it does all the things you're looking for with the exception of being waterproof.  This company waterproofs them, but I don't have any info about how well it works.  http://waterfi.com/waterproof-fitbit-charge-2

I really like the Fitbit dashboard and logs as well.

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10 hours ago, TammyP said:

I have the Fitbit Alta also.  Love it!

Thank you both for your input. I hope people keep posting to this thread what they use and why. So we all can get a better idea of what works for every one.


2 hours ago, kayak19 said:

I have the Fitbit Charge 2 and really like it


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