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Hello everyone!!  I just wanted to share this!  (I'm just a little over 1 year post-op)

At my heaviest weight I was over 310 lbs, I was really starting to see some health issues. I was having reoccurring knee, ankle, and foot pain. This was really hampering me from being able to run and complete like I wanted to. Everyone knows the vicious cycle. Need to work out to be healthy, but need to stay healthy to work out. Over the years, I've tried everything. You name the fad diet and I've tried it. My last option was to try a VSG. Let me tell you, just being a year post-op, the VSG was the best decision of my life. I'm a whole new person. I'm healthier than I've ever been. I'm more active than ever. I'm truly enjoying life again!!

So on to the story!!! I gave myself a goal when I went into surgery. I told myself that within a year, I wanted to complete a Half Ironman again. For those of you that don't know, a Half Ironman consists of 1.2 miles of swimming, followed by a 56 mile bike, followed by a 13.1 mile run. A total of 70.3 miles.

On July 30th, I accomplished my goal!! Here is my "race report"!

I was able to complete Ironman 70.3 Ohio under my goal time. I wanted to break the 7 hour mark. My "stretch" goal was 6:30:00, but I knew that was going to be tough.

I ended up twisting my knee a little bit on the run portion, so that slowed me down to a run/walk. That was the end of hope to make the "stretch" goal.

Swim (1.2 miles, but my GPS had me swimming a bit longer): 51:26 (official time)
Looks like I swam like a "Water Snake" a little which added some extra yardage to my swim.

Transition 1: 5:34

Bike (56 miles) 3:06:54 (17.63 MPH avg) (official time)
I felt like my bike went very well. I purposely kept my Normalized Power(NP) low, trying to save my legs for the run. I did have a problem on the bike. I couldn't pee. No matter how hard I tried, I just could go. I need to figure this out.

Transition 2: 4:30

Run (13.1, but my GPS said more like 13.21) 2:47:37 (12:38 min/mile avg). (official time)
Here is where my race took a bit of a turn for the worse. First 4 miles were fine. I keep it slow and was feeling ok. Was getting some stomach cramps because I couldn't pee. I tried banana, salts, gu's, everything to try to get the GI under control. Around mile 4 is where I twisted my knee. I must have stepped down wrong on a crack or pothole or something. At that point, it basically slowed me down to a run/walk. It changed my gait, so other parts of my legs/hips started to ache more than normal.

Total Time 6:55:59

The run is where I had my issues. If it wasn't for twisting my knee, I think I had a real shot of getting close to that 6:30:00 stretch goal.

Take-aways from this HIM:
1) Figure out why I couldn't pee. I need to pee on the bike. Even if that means getting off and using a porta-john. 
2) Don't twist your knee on the run. Watch where you step, and be careful.
3) Maybe push a little harder on the bike. I may have played it a little too safe on the NP and could have pushed a bit harder without blowing up my run.
4) Learn how to swim straight. Swimming directly into the sun played a small part in this (having to sight every few strokes), but I also know my stroke was probably pulling me from side to side.
5) Always always always smile and look like you're not dying when you past a photographer!!










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Well done!!!! This is downright amazing! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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Seriously kzoojason76, you are my hero!

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So awesome! Good for you! Very inspirational. 

I always wondered how open water swimmers kept in s straight line, without pool lanes to help - I guess I know now: lots of practice. 

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You are an inspiration!! I really miss swimming, running and cycling. All I do now is walk on the treadmill. You made me feel like I can do it again. 

You deserve to celebrate the weight loss and the Ironman achievement. Bravo!!!!

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Wow!  I am very impressed with your accomplishment. :)

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Congrats!  It has never even crossed my mind that you would have to pee during these marathon kind of events.  Duh!!  Sorry that didn't work so well for you; I'm sure that was not fun!  To have the issues you had and still finish within your goal time is just amazing...well done!

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Fantastic accomplishment and an inspiration to all of us. You must feel great, and deservedly so!

(Lurkers, see what good things could happen to you too!)

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