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I had an open DS 15 days ago with the brilliant Prof YASHKOV YURI IVANOVICH in CELT clinic in Moscow. This is a decent resume He is a founder and a President of The Society of Bariatric Surgeons of Russia within years 2000-2017. In 2012-2014 he served as a President of IFSO-European Chapter. 150-200 bariatric procedures per year are performed by Obesity Surgery Service in the Center including the most complex (Duodenal Switch, SADI’s) and revisional operations. Since the year 2000 special attention has been paid on treatment for Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and many operated patients suffered from Diabetes Mellitus have their Diabetes resolved for 5-10 years and even more. Not only patients from Russia but also from Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine have been successfully treated there.  It cost £ 4750 plus visa from UK, flights with BA and 10 days in local hotel.The clinic is styled in the older fashion but the skill of the specialists I met was outstanding.

Terms of admission

For patients living in Moscow and the Moscow region, you must go through internal consultation in the clinic MK CELT and preoperative examination according to a standard plan. During consultation patient is given a booklet with information about the methods of treatment.

For patients living in other cities and abroad, it is necessary to fill in primary form (sent by fax or e-mail), to be examined at the place of residence according to the plan. The transaction information can be provided via e-mail or sent in the form of a brochure on said patient's mailing address.

Hospitalization in the hospital: the installation of the container or on gastric banding - the day of surgery; operations vertical gastroplasty, gastroshuntirovaniya, Biliopancreatic bypass - before surgery.

Postoperative hospital stay (under normal postoperative period):

Installation intragastric balloon - 1 month;

removing intragastric balloon - a few hours;

Gastric Banding - 2 days;

vertical gastroplasty - 5 days;

gastroshuntirovanie, Biliopancreatic bypass - 6 days;

dermatology and plastic operatsii- 3-7 days.

Pre-op I had Duplex ultrasound leg veins, more thorough than private care before varicose vein repair at home,abdo USS, found pancreatitis who knew, ECG, bloods, chest xray and the dreaded bowel prep, Fortrans. It does work with 'crystal light' type flavoring but don't quote me.The room had 2 beds in it and I freaked. However, it was only for me thank God. Separate wc and shower with a step, tricky to negotiate with drip stands post-op. AIR CON, yahoo, and small fridge also whoopee. Beds are tiny and one was motorised, but I didn't go for the decor, I went for the skill of the President of IFSO and 39 years experience.I had to stay overnight pre-op, thought i might get to stay in hotel since I am a doc, but no joy. I asked to be first on the list, good tip to copy, and no problem at all.My calcium was low and this was troubling for them; I felt fine and had no nerves because I really knew I was in safe hands. Prof Yashkov's assistant surgeon 'Dr Dimitri' Dr BEKUZAROV DMITRY KUBADIEVICH was the most outstanding health care professional I have had the pleasure to meet. It was  as though I had my own personal physician. He spent 2 hours with me at 9:00pm the night before the op going through everything with me and I never needed to buzz post-op because he was ALWAYS there. He never went home, even at weekends.So I have a midline incision from under my rib cage to my belly button and two 2-3mm incisions on my right lower flank for the drains. I ahd and epidural for pain relief, very effective, didn't want a central line for my calcium issues, so THEY LISTENED. This approach is really rare in UK medicine and boy was I grateful. I had a bit of fluid overload with lots of iv fluid/ calcium treatment but I had stonking care from a Consultant physician/nutritional medicine Dr MALYCHINA ALEXANDRA IVANOVNA. She was absolutely amazing. I was a lower BMI and therefore, with my calcium problems, a discovered adrenal mass post-op and my need for more denser nutrition to enable recovery; she devised an individual plan and patiently went through it again and again. On my day of discharge, my husband and son came to collect me. They were starving so I took them to the clinic canteen. No english in site so they called this lovely physician to translate the MENU for my family. She even laughed when I begged for Pepsi cola for me and fries for my son. I loved her. i had several anaesthestists all of whom checked me, blood sugars, epidural, lines etc. I mean this standard of care by CONSULTANTS is just not available in the UK, even with private care in London.Dr Dimitri actually personally chased up all my meals and then gave me some of his own when the Russian diet offered was  a bit challenging for me. My main issue was as expected, my large bowel went to sleep and I swelled up like a coconut. Nothing would encourage it to begin again and it's size scared the radiologist during the 'post-op barium'. My heart belongs to Prof Yashkov though. He is the kindest, most skillful, caring surgeon I have ever me and unfortunately with a spouse with cancer and a son with special needs, I have met several surgeons not just as colleagues. His pre-op emails are thorough and thoughtful; he modified the DS for me ( wish he had fixed the hiatal hernia too). He met with me pre-op and walked me to each test. There were conferences on post-op so I didn't see as much of him as Dr Dimitri, but trust me, I am not a silent patient. When I wanted to keep my calcium in the peripheral veins, get rid of my epidural, stop Clexane; a DVT prophylaxis because I had a little bleed, get my drain out, have more to eat than the average DS patient, get help with  my appalling bowels; he was there every step of the way via Dimitri's phone or in person. Never demanding or insisting but listening to me and collaborating. This approach is what really matters to my as his patient. Yes the environment is not the most glamorous and yes life in Moscow moves slowly but this has to be weighed up against the above and the fact that when I spent 2 nights in ITU post-op, planned stay, my nurse got a Russian- English app on her phone to make sure I could follow her. They care; the experience was so much better than I could have hoped for. The 3 hour flight home to Heathrow was tough, felt sick with my massive bowel killing me. I ate ice which helped.Now, I'm grouchy. I have no appetite and my reflux is like swallowing fire. I am finding the transition to being an independent patient tough. I want the instant care and help they lavished on me. I am sick of waking up starving, hate all the protein supplements which are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla...I miss savoury foods and feel a bit weak, like I've been hit by a bus. My scars healing beautifully and trust me if anyone would be expected to get a wound infection, it's me. My PCOS is still nuts but my blood sugars NORMAL. 

Overall, I cried leaving my lovely team in Moscow who have given me this 'second birthday'. For cynics, I am not on the payroll but if ever there is a vacancy and I can handle a heck of a language barrier, I would be honoured.

End of story....

Thanks for reading,

xxx Fluffijo slightly less fluffy now

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I am glad that you had a good surgical experience. Hopefully your post op experience will also go smoothly. Massive weight loss after weight loss surgery will transform both you and your life. 

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