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my question is this , i would like to know if anyone suffers from heartburn or pain after eating in your chest area or sternum area after eating? it will be 4 years in September since my surgery. I had the operation in 2013, i have lost a total of 85 lbs, very happy about that, but the problem i am finding is, the continuing pain after eating some foods. Will my stomach ever be normal again? I was on acid reflex meds before the surgery for over 10 years. I took myself off of it over a year ago, due to all of the side effects that come with taking nexium, this was not easy by the way. i am now finally be able to eat without to much discomfort, however from time to time it is painful to eat, this occurs after i eat, not so much while i am eating.  I have take a tums, this seems to help. Also having some issues with using the bathroom, i tend to be constipated allot, i think it may be because i am having a problem drinking enough water throughout the day. Anyone else find this to be a challenge? 

thanks for any advice anyone has, 



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