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1 hour ago, CZJ said:

sounds great - very impressed that you were back in the gym at 1 week!!!!    What sort of laxative are we allowed to prevent/deal with bowel probs? :unsure:

I use a non-thickening soluble tasteless fibre added to my protien drinks. Been using it for months and works a treat. That said, post-surgery I'm allowed fruit in my smoothies and yoghurt with fruit, so that helps a lot as well and chosen wisely can be a good source of fibre. I'm also allowed weetbix, oats and other cereals that soften with milk, so I have a serve of something of that ilk each day. To be honest I have more of the opposite problem post surgery, so considering dropping the additional fibre supplement.

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I used milk of magnesium,but things got that bad had to get something from doctors in the end .I wasnt drinking enough and combined that with iron supplement it wasn't good.

I now have fresh apple juice every morning and have no problems lol 

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