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I am a little scared about having sleeve done. i am 205 pds /5'5 tall. i know i am on the smaller side of weight loss.

my BMI is 34, i am self paying. i have some health issues now, including thyroid and high blood pressure. 

any one out there starting weight 205 ? and how much do you weigh now? i dont want to be super skinny, i want to be healthy and maintain a good weight .

Any help or ideas? thanks


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I'll be interested to see any answers you get to this thread!

I'll be having revisional surgery in less than 3 weeks and currently on a 4 week liquid diet, although I don't have to be completely anal about sticking to it thankfully. The expectation from my pre-op visit last week is that by gastric bypass surgery day my BMI will be sub-30s. While the team I saw was happy about that because I currently have no restriction at all due to staple line dehiscence, the surgeon (who I didn't see last week) has told me going into this procedure that I'll have to be watched like a hawk from a nutritional point of view. Rapid weightloss is expected in the first few months, regardless of your size going in, and malnutrition is a very real concern for lower starting weight patients. If there was another option no surgeon in my country would be doing my surgery. That's why the BMI limits are there! In fact I'm hoping he won't pull the pin on my surgery when he sees I'm down another 12 kgs (about 26lbs) since he last saw me.

He tells me that it is even more important to get the nutritional aspect right from the start when your body doesn't have the huge reserves that larger patients have, so there is zero room for low nutritional value foods in the smaller stomach if you want to remain properly nourished. Make sure you have a good dietician. I don't at present because his appointed dietician has never dealt with someone like me, and has a very cookie cutter approach to patients. Believe me, post surgery I'll be trying to find someone else that can work with me rather than just print off the stuff she gives everyone else. There's no point in having a surgery to improve your health if you're actually going to make it worse!!!

Best of luck with your decision. It's not an easy one to make. What does need to play into the equation is your highest weight ever rather than what you weigh now. In my case the highest weight between my two surgeries was 139kg (305lbs BMI of 45.4). That's the weight the pre-op team wanted because that's where they expect your body to fight you to get back to without surgery.

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