Eight weeks today - how are the rest of you doing?

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Hi February people - I'm at 8 weeks today, and down 26 pounds after surgery (45 since mid January). How are you all doing? 

Anyone out there eating more than 800 calories per day? Anyone less than 500? I'm between those two numbers every day, with 70-90 grams of protein. Very low carb, low (no) sugar, a fair bit of fat. 

Anyone eating salad yet? I've had a couple of bites.

Nothing is really giving me problems, but I'm eating pretty conservatively. Still having a protein shake every day.

Exercising going OK? I've really just been walking (2-3 miles most days). I get lightheaded frequently, even just going up stairs or sometimes standing up. I'm not dehydrated - getting like 80+ oz of water per day. 

Anyway, if anyone is out there, hello!

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