Decade out and a mess! HELP!! Please :)

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I need to get re-acquainted with the diet rules and guidelines to get back on track. I had surgery in 2008 lost 100lbs and gained 45 back, and scared to death! My husband also had surgery in 2007 he lost 130lbs and now has gained about 40 back. We both found out we had an eating disorder but  seem to have that under-control for the most part. we met in 2009. He lost his weight mainly with exercise and didn't really pay attention to his food intake. I lost my weight by obsessing about my food intake and not much exercise. I see the need for exercise but lack motivation. However because he had his surgery in Mexico and they didn't focus on the after surgery support he never new what and how much to eat but understands that this was a missing block that he needed/needs to learn.

I will need to learn how to restart for a 195lb  5'3" female, and a 260lb 6' male. Foods, quantity, and support.

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