Brachioplasty / arm lift / TT / breast lift - home nurse or not

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Im starting to get interested in plastics and I have some questions.

I'm planning on get a TT, Arm lift and breast lift-possibly with implants all at once- and what I'm most concerned about right now is the inability to use my arms.

I tolerate pain/surgeries very well, but the post-surgery hygiene and restroom use is troubling me. I'm thinking of hiring the nurse that we used for my mother in law -the woman is a saint (the nurse not my mother-in-law lol ) - to be with me for the first week that I am home. I work for home and am alone for the majority of the day. 

So here are my questions:

1. How did you resolve the issue with not being able to use your arms?

2. How long before you were able to bathe/ use restroom on your own?

3. How long before you were able to use computer/ laptop?

thanks in advance! 

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I would recommend doing the surgeries in 2 stages. Ask your surgeon about what it is realistic for you to get done in 1 session. 

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