Do you have regrets?

Do you have regrets?   

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  1. 1. Do you have regrets or would you do it different?

    • No regrets at all. Best decision I ever made.
    • Yes. I wish I never did the surgery.
    • I wish I would of done the RNY full bypass instead.

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4 hours ago, newme88 said:

I am only 3 weeks post op.  I think I was mentally prepared just for the surgery part. Being my first surgery, I was nervous. I kept thinking to myself 'oh ill be fine with just liquids after because I wont want that much"  I completely fooled myself. Im trying to get in a spot mentally where I dont want to cry when I see a pizza or tacos. 

It gets WAY better. If you didn't break your carb addiction pre-op, that is probably part of what you are struggling with now. And, take time over the next few months to develop new hobbies, habits and activities that don't involve food. I didn't realize how much time I really spent thinking about food and planning around food until I was post-op. 

Hang in there. I think it was around week 3 post-op for me that I wanted to punch anyone and everyone that even looked at me. Thankfully, that only lasted about a week. ;)


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