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I'm new to this forum and I am looking forward to talking to others that are getting surgery soon.  I've went through all the requirements all that's left is the final ok from insurance again and all their paperwork, meet with the surgeon and book the surgery date.  I hope it's soon, it's been a long process so far.  I've been sick, I've had to go through detox for a medication prescribed by my pain dr.  The surgeon didn't require it but I am going through lung failure because of it and weight.  I was told if I don't get off of it I may not make it through surgery.  So I decided before surgery I had to reduce if not stop all of the medication first.  I've got a 1 more dose to stop but it's not detrimental anymore if I'm on this low dose that's left.  On top of detox I've gotten an infection in my mouth from infected wisdom teeth.  So Monday I have that surgery then hopefully after I recover it will be sleeve time.  

Anyone else getting ready for their sleeve surgery?

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Welcome to Thinner Times Chimen!

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