Frustrated with surgeon's office

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I have surgery the day after tomorrow, and naturally I am nervous.  Getting in touch with my surgeon's office has been somewhat of a pain but nothing has been urgent so far.  They also "never got" my insurance approval letter, even though I had a copy of the letter in my hand (a month after being filed) and had talked to the insurance company, who said they had sent it.  At my last appointment (2/7) I took my FMLA papers with me to get filled out.  They charged me $15 for it, which is fine.  They said they would mail the papers to me so I could file them with my employer.  Here it is, my last day of work before surgery, and I never got the FMLA papers back.  I can't get a hold of anyone in the surgeon's office.  Now I worry if they will be this hard to reach after my surgery! I'm getting angry, on top of my nerves.  I hope they don't forget to show up for surgery on Wednesday! :angry:

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