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Still dealing with nausea

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in a few days I will be 5 months post op and everyday is still s struggle.  I never meet my protein requirements and getting that water in. I am up to around 70 oz. Of liquids a day but the eating is different, my hungry is coming back full force which i think is early. My surgeon told me in the beginning your hungry doesn't come back for a year or so, not true for me. Yes I am hungry but still a lot of what I eat makes me sick. 

I always start my day with yogurt,  then a piece of turkey sausage, that usually goes down good but it's the rest of the day. Ex. Today was stewed chicken home made mashed potatoes with Fairlie protein milk and protein powder ( unflavored) and Brussel sprouts. 

I ate half a thigh one tablspoon potatoes and 3 Brussel sprouts. My stomach has hurt so bad I haven't ate anything else but I am hungry. 

Can't eat chill anymore it gives me awful gas, spaghetti ( protein noodles) with lots of meat sauce is not good anymore, lunch meats is a no go. 

But, overall I am happy I am changing so much, my clothes fit good , down from 22/24 to 14/16 and large shirts. Yeah, lost all my boobs but hubby is happy so that's all that matters. 

It seems like a long road of change and error and do's and don'ts , I am trying to embrace it with confidence 

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