Bariatric Surgeon and Plastic Surgery

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I'm not sure if I should post here.

My bariatric surgeon and I have had a major falling out. Basically over his lack of concern after he received payment. So I don't see him any longer.

His office also had the plastic surgery practice and he felt the body shaping was required for my health (I agree for many reasons). A couple...I had loose skin prior to surgery... Rollercoaster lost and regained weight, and two children that were over 10 lbs.

Medicare paid for the WLS and I don't know about the body shaping (if anyone knows the answer please advise).

How do I proceed? I am not at my "ideal" weight per my surgeon. I have maintained 20 lbs over that for over 4 of the 6 yrs since surgery. I'm comfortable with the weight but my body looks horrible. 

Do I find a bariatric surgeon or move forward to a plastic surgeon?

I'm lost...



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Hi AngelStorm,

Sorry to hear about your experience but thanks for your question.

Given your incomplete surgery follow-up, I recommend you first seek consultation with another bariatric surgeon to make sure you are doing well with no complications and get cleared for the reconstructive surgery.

Then you can seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your reconstruction options and any possible insurance coverage.

Good luck!


Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS.

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