Medicaid in Arkansas

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I have my first appointment on December 22nd to get the process started for Gastric Bypass. My current health insurance is Arkansas Medicaid. Gastric bypass is covered with requirements. There is one thing I am not too certain about and in the requirements it's not very clear. Some people I have seen that have medicaid say that they have had a referral from their PCP. The billing specialist called me last week and said I needed a PCP attached to my Medicaid. I just got medicaid at the beginning of this month and had not yet done it. So, when she called I got a doctor set up as my PCP. I called the billing specialist back and told her I got a PCP attached to my Medicaid. I then asked her if I needed to go see my new PCP and she said "no." I mean, I will ask more at my 1st appointment but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if you need a referral for medicaid in all states?

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I do not know the answer to your question, but I encourage you to work hard to get your final weight loss surgery approval ASAP, and then to have your surgery ASAP. The "health care reform" that will come with our new president in late January 2017 may well cut or reduce Medicaid coverage for weight loss surgery. 

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