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2.5 years out.  I'm perplexed...  I feel crummy..  Can't keep my  blood sugar up for long.  I can't just  keep eating ... Love my size 4 jeans and me now...   not at my lowest but 15 lbs up.  I want to get back to my lowest. Went to the doctor yesterday and at least I know why I feel crummy.  Tell me how you've dealt with low blood sugar.  The schedule you eat on.  what you eat... What's an acceptable reading...  How many carbs?  I'm carbs addicted and don't want to fall into that trap again. I know some of you have been where I am. 

Fasting 70
Protein shake
6 oz kefir
10 am bs 78
11 am yogurt and cranberries
1 pm bs 102
2 pm 2 eggs and 1 oz cheddar cheese
4 pm bs
5 pm 1 oz beef jerky and cashews
7pm bs
8 pm 3 oz ham 1/2 sweet potato
10 pm bs


More food than I want... Scared of gaining


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I totally understand why you are worried.  Here are a few postings on low blood sugar that may be helpful to you:


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