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Almost A month after surgery

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Hi Guys and girls......


I had my surgery on November 11th and since that day I dropped 31 pounds!!!. I know this will slow down once I start eating more.....

I am still on my Oikos Yogurt and protein shakes and sometimes I'll have my mashed potatoes with apple sauce. this Saturday I can start my first time soft food...

My Question is: can I eat Sushi (not the rice) I love Fish (Tuna, Salmon)  any good foods ideas would be appreciated.


I did the Gastric sleeve surgery and I should have done this years ago...after 3 days my stomach was normal again.


I hope you all have a great holiday season!!!



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Great job so far!!

Sushi is fine to eat as long as you cut it into small pieces and chew each piece very well.  Remember that many people find that their tastes change right after weight loss surgery, so it is possible that you may not like sushi as much now. 

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tuna is great and anything with protein, fish is good also... just remember to eat your protein first 


you can try oatmeal, scramble eggs with cheese ontop , apple sauce, red grapes i eat lol, dannon 80 calorie light fat yogurt, greek strawberry cheesecake yogurt :P...an omelette was the first thing i ate when i entered soft foods.. you can try those and see how you tolerate it, ricotta bake, cream soups, yummy broth or beans :)

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Glad everything is going well for you Dutch. Keep us posted, I am learning so much reading and talking to others about their experiences with WLS.

I'm waiting to hear back about my approval, hope to get in before the end of the year....



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