Anthem Approved - no 6 month diets!

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I did a lot of research on this and other forums and wanted to share this story for anyone else that may feel discouraged as I did. I found out that I would have to have 6 months of diets through my patient advocate because I had Anthem insurance. However, I also have several years history of going to diet clinics. The patient advocate at my surgeon's office insisted that the insurance would not accept my on again off again diet clinic attempts because they were not continuous for 6 months but I was persistent. I got my psych eval immediately, had my initial NUT eval, then called every diet clinic I had visited in the past two years and had them fax over my records. I then insisted that the advocate put my paperwork through to my insurance even though she warned it was a long shot. She submitted two days ago and they just called me today to tell me I was approved! Much to her surprise. So I guess the moral to the story is to not give up! Be persistent. I knew that I had not come to this decision easily and that this is what I wanted. (I hope, now I am scared Lol!)

FYI - I have Anthem BCBS. The mailing address attached to my insurance is in Indiana (imagine that is where their Corp offices are), and I live in Illinois but work in Missouri. 

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Welcome to TT.

I live in Wisconsin but have Athem-BCBS of Illlinois.  I called BCBS and the gave me the requirements for my surgery.  It did not require a 6 month supervised diet.

look at me today. 7 weeks post-op. Seen the surgeon today. Down 80 pounds.


good luck with surgery.

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