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mixed emotions

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I'm feeling  like a bag of mixed emotions.

I got my sleep study results today and I'm at 30.9 which puts me at having severe sleep apnea.   I'm excited because now I qualify for the surgery since I was at 37.9 BMI with no comorbidity (sp). (Prior to seeing the surgeon i went and got sleep study done so I can go to the surgeon with a co morbidity but they took so long to give me my results I went empty handed).    Then the not so exciting part is  I have to worry about dying in my sleep while I wait for CPAP fitting and surgery.  =/

I've completed  1-6 NUT sessions, cleared by therapist, sleep study confirmed severe sleep apnea, 

Three more doc visits to go and I should be on my way to loser town.   



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You've had sleep apnea for a while. Nothing has changed now that you have a diagnosis. Make sure you talk with the respiratory therapist about mask style. The default looks like a triangle and fits over you nose. A full face mask looks the same but larger and covers both your nose and mouth. It's good for mouth breathers. The other popular style of mask is nasal pillows, which was my strong preference when I used a CPAP.

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