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Dumping syndrome

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Can anyone help. My daughter Abbie is 4months post sleeve op. Last 2 months had 5 dumps symtons severe pain across her stomach and though to her back. Shaking. Nausea dizzy, breathing problems. Only realised what it was on the 3rd trip to hospital, even the hospital didn, t know what it is, I just looked it up to see if it was dumping, as I was told you don, t get dumping with a sleeve, so I was very upset and angry. Her last 2 symptoms were the same as mentioned but now vomiting.  4 out of 5 were early evening. Yesterdays was the worst it happened in the afternoon 3pm after eating a mackerel in tomatoe sauce which she has eaten before. Yesterday attack was the worst in she couldn, t breath the ambulance arrived within 4mins her oxygen sats was80 she was given morphine oxygen and in the hospital she was put on a nebulizer. She has lost 5 st she is now 13.10lb the attack previously she ate a chicken wrap the 3rd attack she ate cheese string and a yogurt all the things she can have and eaten before with no reaction. Now she is avoiding chicken and now it will be mackerel,  she is so afraid of the dumping. I am at my wits end and very worried. I did not agree to the sleeve for this to happen. The first 2 months were fantastic she was a fantastic role model. To good to be true. Is there anyone else experiancing this. I was wondering if it would be best for Abbie to go back liquidising her food does this stop dumping, if so she can, t liquidise all her life she is only 18yrs. Thankyou for reading this long message. Any experiances and advice will be most appreciated. 


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Dumping isn't something that can officially happen with Sleeve as it is normally a reaction to sugar with those who have RNY but there are sleever's that experience it.  Sorry to hear your daughter is.  The only time I've experienced anything like what you're describing when I too much too fast.  Also, this coupled with moving to denser foods could explain it although I'm not a 100% sure.

Has she recently changed the types of foods she's eating, is she taking her time eating?  Ask her to slow down taking more time to chew and see if it helps at all.

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