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Any RNY to Sleeve out there? What was the outcome?

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Hello everyone!

I'ts been a long time! I was considering revision surgery about 3 years ago, but then I got pregnant with my 2nd she's over 2 years old, and I got divorces, so, no chance of a new pregnancy :)  And I really want to have that revision surgery.

I went to the doctor, and since I have developed a chronic anemia, the doctor told me he would suggest converting my RNY to a sleeve; still, I have to bring him all the pre-op exams on Wednesday (today is Monday), but I just want to know if there are other cases out there? I was reading the forum, but the threads are too old, so I thought I might get fresh information :)

I've also read a lot about the DS, but I don't think my surgeon does it, and since I am in Santiago, Chile, I don't have many other options...I mean, this doctor is one of the best bariatric surgeons in the, any suggestions/advice or if you could share your personal experience, I would really appreciate it! :)

as FYI, I can tell you that, I had gastric bypass back in July 2005, I went down from 265 lbs to 176 lbs in 9 months; then I stalled and started regaining, and 11 years and 2 pregnancies later, I am back at 220 lbs.  I am 5ft 4 in.

Thanks a lot!

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