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Sleeve to mini gastric bypass??

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I was sleeved on Jan.13 2015 At 8 months out my weight loss came to a dead stop.I started at 299 and stopped at 183.I go back and forth between 183 and 186.I take seizure meds and have had both knees replaced 2 months apart.I have starved from the start.It never lets up I had the barium test and it showed my stomach has stretched.I was told when it healed it relaxed more than it should have so I have the option of getting re-sleeved or something called a mini bypass.It,s,something fairly new.I was thinking maybe the gastric bypass.I think the dumping would be helpful to me.My medications(alot) cause dry mouth and I keep mints in my mouth.Sugar free is still sugar alcohol and since I found out my sleeve has stretched I eat frozen fat free no sugar added frozen yogurt(bad).My doctor says he has never seen a pouch stretch.  Ta daaa  Only my crazy body.I,m torn Should I stick to the sleeve or go for the bypass.I just don,t want to starve anymore.I,'ve lost my weight through sheer will power and I,m running out I.m down from A 26 to a 14 still plus size. No bloobs all butt worse nightmare.I feel like a loser(not weight).On the plus size my knees are amazing.The weight loss has aged me something terrible in my face and still fighting hair loss.Sleeve allows sweets if you get stupid crazy and bypass doesn't. My profession was and maybe again A pastry chef.yea. Any helpful comments.For anyone needing help with the never-ending constipation I was prescribed linzess and if I take it with the stool softener with the laxative it works very well.I.m open for any advice.I,m just starting to walk without my cane and I.m walking in a cancer marathon.just 3 1/2 miles.We,'ll see I need botox for my fallen face and a boob job since I have none.literally.I think if I had known the damage it does to your body I may have not had the operation.But I do have 2 Amazing knees.I can do squats


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