How will you feel?

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In the post-op forum the subject of being over complimented and getting sick of the attention has come up. 

I never had this discussion pre-surgery but it's a good one to have. 

How are you going to feel when all the attention is on you. When people you see time and time again comment on the weight you've lost. How are you going to feel when your weight loss is almost alway the topic of conversation when you see someone you haven't seen in awhile.

Really think about it. It sounds nice right? For some of you, you'll love the constant attention and praise. I heard "excuse me, skinny minny" the other day! Ha! I am far from being skinny but I still loved it! For others you'll feel very uncomfortable every time somebody says something to you. So prepare yourself for how you will feel and how you are going to react. If you plan to keep your WLS quiet how will you answer questions like "are you ok" "what have you been doing differently" and comments like "you're too thin" or "you looked better with more meat on your bones." 

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