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This is silly compared to the other posts in this section.  

I have the psych evaluation on Thursday and I'm very anxious about it.  I read online that getting a letter from your support team (psychiatrist)  can be a good idea but I'm 1) unsure they'd be able to get it by 10am Thursday 2) if it would make a difference.  

I know the psych evaluation is there to look for risk factors and also help them assess what things you might need for support like the support groups or more after care treatments.  But,  I'm scared because of my mental health history.  I'm scared because a lot changed since then. 

I'm actually more stable now then I was then but I'm scared they won't see that.  

Anything would help.  Thursdays a long ways off.  Or,  so it seems.  

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I was a little nervous for that too since I have depression and anxiety. My psych made me take two sort of long questionnaires and he said based on my answers I needed more therapy. I was BUMMED. So he sent my surgeon the recommendation. I had to go two more times once a week. It was a breeze. I thought it was kinda dumb to have to see a psych but at 5 days out of surgery I am having anxiety and depression issues thinking (WHY DID I DO THIS) it's scary. I'm already in the regret stage so fast I think because of my anxiety. So if you do have anxiety it's best to be 100% honest even if it does push back your surgery a little so they can increase your meds or put you on new meads so it won't be a problem in the future. Because I'm an idiot and thought I didn't need to take them because I was "fine" but I was so wrong!

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