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Plastic surgery at non ideal weight

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My goal weight is currently 200 pounds. I may modify that to be 180, depending on how I feel when I hit 200. At 5'8" I would still be considered overweight, but I think between 180-200 is where I will feel most comfortable. I have lost about 115 pounds so far and have loose skin and I assume the problem will worsen as I lose the next 35-55 pounds. I will definitely want to have surgery done at that point. Will plastic surgeons still perform skin removal surgeries on those who are not at an "ideal" weight?

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Hello rds,

Thanks for your question.

For the best results from weight loss reconstruction, it is best to wait until your weight is stable for several months.

You are the best judge of when you are at a comfortable weight that you can maintain long term.

Any fluctuation in weight after your reconstructive surgery can significantly compromise your result and most plastic surgeons would therefore not perform any surgery until your weight is stable.


Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS

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