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I'm still unsure what it is in me that makes me feel so strongly that everything and everyone (including the unknown) comes before me. I'm working on that part of the puzzle with my counselor and am currently thinking about it every day. I know I'm a very giving person and find joy in the happiness of others.  Question is: Why do I feel like it's a no brainier to encourage someone else to move forward but with me I feel really guilty about it? Do I deserve less than others? Am I not worthy somehow? Have I not earned this? I earn more than enough so why can't I spend the money on ME? What am I afraid of? 

On November 15, 2016 at 7:42 PM, Clickin said:

My biggest character flaw is practicality. I never put myself first. I have a terrible guilty conscience. I am famous for taking things out of my cart and putting back on racks. I get how you are feeling. I also get you wanting to feel confident in your suit. 

My consult is 11/29. How am I going to react when the rubber meets the road? I hope the practical Claudia is taking the day off that day. Hubby is coming with me for extra peer pressure. I deserve this. You deserve this. Let's do this!!!

Yep this is me. 

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Saw another surgeon yesterday.  He spent two hours reviewing procedures with me and suggested two separate operations based on my age even though I am very healthy and the risks of a longer surgery vs two is really about even.  He believes I will be thrilled with a lift and small implant and then a regular tummy tuck even though I have lots of all around sagging.  I am not really bothered by my sharpei butt I guess because I don't see it and I don't have to tuck it into my britches.  I have one more surgeon I think I may talk to just to be sure.  I still cannot believe I am seriously considering having plastic surgery. 

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