Best Way to Have Two or Three Procedures

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Have found a plastic surgeon I would like to perform a few procedures.  The procedures are a breast reduction/lift, tummy tuck (lots of loose skin) and a possible medial thigh lift (lots of excess skin) at a later time.

i am 57 and in good health.  I spoke with my main Doctor about having the surgeries and he believes I should have them done individually (I was thinking of having the breast reduction and tummy tuck done at the same time, a five-hour procedure).  My doctor said even if I was younger, he would advise having the procedures done individually because he doesn't think it's good to be under anesthesia that long, especially for elective surgery).

I was wondering what your views on it are?  If I have one surgery at a time, how long should I wait before having another surgery

I also wondered what you thought about medial thigh lifts?  I've read the results of the surgery aren't always that good and the scar is very big and long.  Your thoughts?  


Is 57 too old to have a major surgery like a tummy tuck?  I'm realistic in my expectations, I realize I'm exchanging scars for loose skin.

Thank you for your input.  I'm now not sure what to do.  Maybe I should just live with the excess skin?  I've always been large busted so I will have the reduction/lift but now I'm not sure about the other procedures.


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Hello Madison2015,

Thanks for your question.

I do not see any problem with combining your breast and tummy procedures if you have no other medical problems.  This is something that is routinely done by most experienced plastic surgeons.  If you are otherwise healthy then there is no significant increased risk from a 5-hour procedure compared to a 2-hour procedure.  Age is not a factor if you have no significant medical problems.  But I would recommend that you have the procedure done by an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon who uses a Board Certified anesthesiologist to manage your general anesthesia, for the most safety.

I personally limit my procedures to 6 hours so I would recommend doing the thigh lift at a separate time, preferably about 2-3 months later once you have recovered fully from the other procedures. Thigh lifts are great at reshaping the medial thighs but the incisions usually take longer to heal and the scar is not as thin or well-hidden as that from a breast or tummy procedure.

Good luck with your surgery!


Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS.

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