Jockey H-fly trunks/boxer briefs

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I have a few pairs, they are slightly worn, but jockey quality makes it hard to tell the difference.

I am giving them away, I just ask to be reimbursed the shipping and handling.  They come in assorted colors and are size XL-extra Large.  the pictures are below of what I found on the internet.  The material is 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  They fit snuggly for most average men.  They sit lower on the waist, which should help with men who have extra abdominal skin.  They are trunk length which should help if you have extra skin on your lower thigh, as they are shorter thigh length.

Let me know and i can contact you with the specifics.  I also apologize if this is not an acceptable post, but I tried to research this and could not find more information!



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