Excess Lower Back Fat

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Good evening doctor,


I had a totally body lift approximately 2 years ago.  The plastic surgeon who performed the surgery did not remove any of my lower back fat.  Since then, I have had back pain to the point where it is affecting my daily life. My primary doctor submitted a referral and I was approved for surgery to the plastic surgeon that perform my original plastic surgery.  What kind of procedure will he be performing to rid the excess fat? And what does the surgery involve?  The surgery is for medical necessity and not appearance.  I do not see him for a month and I would like to know what to expect or what questions I should be asking.  Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  



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Hello paxriversandy,

Your plastic surgeon will most likely remove a large pannus of skin from each lower back/flank area similar to your abdominal surgery but I believe your specific questions can best be answered by him/her after your plastic surgeon has had a chance to examine the area.

Just a word of caution: your primary doctor probably got approval for a consultation to see the plastic surgeon, not the actual surgery. Only the surgeon can get that authorization, but not before seeing you in consultation. Although your consultation is covered by insurance, the actual surgery may not be.  I hope it goes through insurance approval for you     but just wanted to make sure you didn't get your hopes up just to be disappointed later.

Good luck!


Abhay Gupta, MD FACS.

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