Panniculectomy, xhyphoidectomy and hernia repair.

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I had a DS in October of 2015 and I've lost 230 pounds. As a result,  I have quite a bit of loose skin on my abdomen.  My insurance approved a Panniculectomy after rash documentation.  I'm scheduled for surgery on June 3rd. I guess during my DS my xhyphoid bone was damaged and has grown to be 17cm long and needs to be removed. Also I have a hernia along my incision that needs to be repaired at the same time. I am having a lot of anxiety about these surgeries and am curious about what to expect after.  If you have any info for me I would greatly appreciate it, thank you. 

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Hello Cupecake,

Thanks for your question.

Congratulations on your weight loss achievement!

It is normal to feel quite anxious about your upcoming reconstructive procedure.

I recommend you contact your plastic surgeon to discuss all of your concerns and recovery questions to your satisfaction.

Good luck with everything!

Sincerely, Abhay Gupta, MD FACS.

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