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Hi everyone! So I had my 3rd dietitian visit on April 26th. I'm so excited. I'm getting closer to my 6th appointment! These past 3 months have literally flown by!! I feel like these last 3 will go slow now... Oh well. At mg first consult the Dr I had started me on phentermine but said surgery was still possible. I took the phentermine for 2 months and only lost 4 pounds. So I stopped it. Also stopped due to mental health. I need to get back on depression medication so I'm fine with that. I'd rather do surgery then waste time on more DIET PILLS!!! So now I had to schedule an appointment with "medical weight management" and that appointment is may 4th. So today later on lol. I'm going to ask them what I do from this point because I do not want to go on any other stupid diet pill that will only help me lose til I stop taking it then I'll gain everything back plus more. I hope I get some good answers! Wish me luck! 

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