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Yesterday I had an outpatient procedure that involved having me sit in a wheelchair as I was taken to and from the radiology dept. I am very aware of being 5'10" and a few pounds shy of my goal weight (175 lbs.). The radiologist was of average height (several inches shorter than I am) and weight and pushed me in the chair, poor man. I feel uncomfortable being pushed in a wheelchair: I wasn't sick, for Pete's sake! 

When I was ready to be discharged, the nurse asked if I wanted to walk to the lobby or if I preferred a wheelchair. I said I would walk, and I mentioned that I felt embarrassed being pushed in a chair. She asked me why I felt that way, and I said I'm not a small person. She said I'm not a big person. I'm not a big person? What an odd thought! I'll have to work my head around that idea: might take time and effort, but it's probably a good idea to get started :)

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Life at your goal weight after weight loss surgery is full of little moments like the one that your wrote about.  After so many years of being overweight, it is very strange (in a nice way) to be skinny and healthy.  

For example, now when I get on an airplane (I fly a lot) I am amazed at how comfortably I fit into the seat, when I used to just barely fit into an airplane seat.

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