Dr. Hugh P. Babineau, Tyler Bariatrics

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This is the doctor that my GP wants me to use and I do know he has performed over 4,000 procedures, including VSG.  My mother wants to know if anyone has been his patient and how his bedside matter is (former nurse).  I just got paperwork asking for a psychological evaluation and a letter stating that I don't smoke or use tobacco products (the stench of smoke makes me sick).  He included a list of doctors and clinics that can do the evaluation but I am also a mental health patient (bipolar II) and fear this might interfere with being able to have the surgery.

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Your bipolar status might have at least two effects.  

First of all, you need to show the psych that you have your bipolar under control now and, thus, emotionally can handle the emotional stress and the massive changes that will come in the months right after weight loss surgery. Be honest at your psych interview, but also be prepared to answer questions in a way that shows that you have your life under control now due to medicine and doctor's visits (if this is true).  On the other hand, if your life is a mess now (and I have had bipolar relatives so I know that this is possible), this may not be the best time for you to have weight loss surgery as it truly will change your life in so many ways and put you under some new forms of stress.

Second of all, once you have the weight loss surgery, you will lose lots of weight (if you follow your surgeon's diet plan) and will have a much smaller stomach with different medicine absorption rates.  These changes will mean that you may have to change medicines and/or doses as you (i) lose weight and (ii) see how your medicines work with your new small stomach.

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