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So, I think we are going to start trying in May. I'll be just shy of a year out then (surgery was June) and although not quite to my goal weight I'm no longer obese, and in all reality I'm turning 40 in a few weeks so waiting longer isn't a great option. In the meantime, I'm switching to a prenatal vitamin, and trying to figure out what is okay to take. To complicate matters it turns out I have a mutation in the MTHFR gene, so my body doesn't utilize synthetic B12 and Folic Acid like it should. I only have one bad copy so I can process some but not as well as I should. So, I'm looking at vitamins that have the bioavailable form of those vitamins (methylated ones), are safe for pregnancy, have enough of what I need as a sleeve gastrectomy patient, and don't require me to take a zillion capsules a day because I hate swallowing pills and because trying to time that around the calcium I take is hard. One brand was EIGHT capsules a day!!!! 

Right now I have one made by Thorne, and it is 3 capsules a day. I take them at breakfast, lunch, dinner, but because they have iron in them I'm left to try to squeeze in my calcium at odd times of day. I'm thinking I'll switch to the Honest Company One a Day, and add in extra iron and a sublingual B12 (I like the chewable from Bariatric Advantage). Then I could take the prenatal, B12,and iron at breakfast, and calcium at lunch and dinner.  Product-175-chart_image-dde021e0-9580-4b59-b5d1-2d2240e11963.jpg

Do you think this has enough stuff in it for a bariatric patient? I eat well, veggies and meat mostly, and my labs have been great so far (but that was while taking a bariatric vitamin with high levels of everything. ) 

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