unhappy with lejour reduction

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Hello Dr Gupta. I had a panniculectomy and breast reduction/lift three weeks ago. I love my panniculectomy and my surgeon did an amazing job. They wanted my surgeries done at the same time so another surgeon did my breasts. I could tell right off my nipples were uneven. I had my tape removed this week and now I see that the areolas are also uneven in size! My recent followup was with the Dr who did the panni and he said he could do a small in clinic procedure at 3mo to correct the nipple position. What about the areolas? I don't like the shape from the vertical lift at all. They still seem to sag. I wanted rounded breasts and these look so awful and stick off my body in an ugly way. Do I have any options to fix this mess? Implants? Anchor lift? 

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Hi ccma,

Sorry to hear your surgery results - albeit very early in healing - have not met your expectations.

I recommend you speak with your plastic surgeon directly about each of your concerns and the surgical revision options to address them.


Abhay Gupta, MD FACS.

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