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I Need to have re-sleeve surgery

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I had sleeve surgery in April , 2015. I have gained 15 lbs back and reviewed my situation with the surgeon . He stated that the size of the stomach was almost it's original size.

The surgery performed did not take out the desired amount of stomach required for the sleeve to work properly

He suggested that he perform a re-sleeve in order to establish the proper stomach size and deletion of hunger hormones.

Is the re-sleeve a safe surgical procedure ?? I am concerned about post op problems due to the re-sleeve process

Thank you for your anticipated response


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Dear JoeG,

Inadequate weight loss 10 months after sleeve gastrectomy is extremely frustrating. The sleeve may be too large to be effective, you may be eating more than you realize, or both. An upper GI series with food is an effective way to evaluate sleeve size. If it really is too large, then going back and recutting the sleeve is a reasonable option.

Any type of revision surgery is riskier than initial surgery because of scar tissue. The staple line leak rate is increased several fold over primary surgery.

I did a search of the medical literature on PubMed, and couldn't find any medical articles describing the success or complication rates of resleeving.

Another option would be to convert the sleeve to a gastric bypass. This might be easier technically and perhaps safer depending on the shape of the upper part of the sleeve and the amount of scar tissue present. It could be a fall back option if your surgeon finds too much scar tissue at the time of the resleeve procedure. Also it might be better if you have significant diabetes. Again, there is little data in the medical literature to inform these decisions.

So in summary, resleeving can be a good option. You may achieve much better long term success. You just want to be absolutely sure that your dietary choices aren't the real issue. Patients who are snacking, comfort feeding, and eating a high carb diets frequently continue to do so after revision. For success: good surgery and good choices.

Dr. Callery

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