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Breastfeeding and nutritional needs after GBS

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It's been a while since I've posted! We had a gorgeous baby boy 1/18 (I was a little over two years post-op). We adore him and both of us are healthy and happy.

Now for the question...advice, please!

I gained about fifty pounds with my pregnancy (yes, bad decisions while pregnant!). Anyway, about half that came off in the first two weeks (fluids and baby, obviously) and I still have about 25 to lose. I'd like to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes before I go back to work in five weeks - I don't want to have to buy pants that are a size bigger than what I used to wear,and I currently have nothing that fits other than yoga pants and some stretch jeans! What did you do to lose weight after the baby came if you are breastfeeding?  Obviously I won't lose it all in five weeks, but I'd like to be able to get close. I've read that you need anywhere from 200-1000 (!! ack!!) extra calories per day when breastfeeding, which sounds excessive. I want to maintain a balanced diet yet still be able to lose the weight without affecting my supply. I had a c-section, so good exercise isn't in the cards for a few more months. 

As I said, I dropped 25 the first two weeks and now the third week my weight hasn't budged. Any idea what would be okay calorie wise to jumpstart my weight loss? I was eating about 1100-1200 calories of maintenance per day before getting pregnant, low carb, which I understand shouldn't be an issue with BF. I changed insurance and can no longer consult with my surgeon or his nutritionist, and my OB told me I should eat 2000-2500 calories per day (um, no). 

Any insight?

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I think it would be best to speak to both your weight loss surgeon and your OB. 

What I will say is that back to basics, protein and fluids but I do know about how many carbs are appropriate

A good start is to get rid of as much of your gateway food as possible. Out of sight, out of mind is good place to start , IMO.

congrats on the new baby.


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