Can everything be done at once?

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I'm thinking that I need everything done...breasts, arms, belly, butt, thighs.  Can I have it all done at one time and if so what kind of recovery time would I be looking at???


thank you so much

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Hello Smallbites,

Thanks for your question.

The quick answer is No you should not have all of those procedures done at the same time. That would involve several hours of general anesthesia which has a high risk of significant complications. Also, your recovery would be exceptionally difficult given the multiple areas of healing all at once.  I recommend you seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can meet with you in consultation and discuss the safest and most effective surgical plan to address your areas of concern and achieve your goal.

Sincerely, Abhay Gupta MD FACS.

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Thank you.  Do you have recommendation on which area to do first?

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