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I was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago and I thought it went away after losing 114 pounds but a few months ago I had a cyst pop and it was a bad one. My fiancee and I are starting to try for a baby and I'm worried about it being an issue because of that even though I went to an OBGYN a month before I had my gastric bypass and they did an ultrasound and said everything was fine even though I was not having periods and I didn't have a build up of lining in my uterus,  they prescribed me a medication (can't think of the name) to get my cycle started and after only taking it for a few days my cycle came back and for a year now it has been normal to the T. I am fertile this week and we have had sex but the side of my left breast towards my armpit is very tender and hurts to even touch it. Anyone have the same experiences? Any advice? Thanks in advance 

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Sounds like something to call your doctor about. Keeping hormones in balance can be a delicate dance for someone with a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS. And symptoms can be rather random when things aren't right.

Despite your youth it may be worthwhile to see a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) instead of your OB/Gyn for fertility concerns. Typically under the age of 35 you have to try to conceive for a year before insurance will approve RE services, but with an existing diagnosis of a condition that impacts fertility, there may be some wiggle room there.

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