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Horrible News!


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When I return from Surgery, they're going to make me stay up front in the Health Care area (normally I live in Assisted Living). I was just informed yesterday afternoon that they MAY GIVE MY ROOM AWAY while I'm up front! They're basically saying I may have no home to come back to! 

So, I've got something new to fret about.  I'm going to call Council on Aging on Monday, but I also need to bounce this off the nurse and see what she says.  We had 2 folks up front in Healthcare for a bit, and THEY just came back, but they're insurance may be different than mine.

Annoyed Kitten...I'm going to call my POA (power of attorney for healthcare) later today (she usually gets up noonish) and let her know the latest wrinkle.  I am NOT going to let this small stuff stop me!

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